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Setup SMS-to-Email relay, Unified Messaging

Coming Soon!

The SMS-to-Email Unified Messaging feature will soon be available as part of our new VO20USER* feature set.

The SMS-to-Email relay Unified Messaging feature allows you to receive SMS messages sent to your Virtual Office phone numbers in your email inbox along with your voicemail, fax, and email messages. This feature can be provided for your company's main phone numbers (VTrees) and direct dial phone numbers (Phones, Mobile App, Softphones).

The notification email subject line will begin with "Text Message from ..." and include the SMS text in the email. Replies to the email will be sent back to the original sender as an SMS from the same phone number they texted at your business. This allows you to have conversations with customers who prefer sending SMS messages, and receive and work those messages in the same place as all of your other messages, your email inbox.

Outbound messages can be sent by emailing the same email address you receive inbound SMS messages from, with the subject line containing the ten digit phone number you want the text sent to, and the body of the email will be sent as the SMS/text message.

If you are interested in this feature please contact our Sales department at 763-222-1000 or

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